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There are lots of other ways that you can support Laughter Africa from online shopping to even selling shares……...

Virtual Gifts

gift of schoolRather than buying someone the same old socks as usual, why not buy them a Laughter Africa virtual gift instead. Gifts range from different school items to medical treatment to bags of rice as well as other things! From stocking fillers to big gifts, there’s something to suit your budget. The price of the gifts range from £2 to £30! At the moment we have the following twelve gifts available:

A Bag of rice (£24),
Medical treatment (£25),
A box of sweets (£2),
A pack of knickers (5),
A cultural dance session (£7),
A school bag (£10),
School shoes (£5),
A school uniform (£10),
Help a baby basket (£30)
Water for the street children for one week (£9)
Buy a bed (£30)
Feminine hygiene products (£1)

Perfect for any occasion including Christmas, Birthdays and Weddings. To order yours today just email with a list of which gifts you would like.

Raise money for us, for free – just by shopping online

give as you live logo

Did you know that you can support us every time you shop online at over 3,000 retailers – without spending a penny extra? Laughter Africa has signed up to ‘Give as you Live’. With ‘Give As You Live’, every time you buy from selected online retailers they’ll make a donation to Laughter Africa – at no extra cost to you! So please sign up and download ‘Give As You Live’ now to help street children today. There are lots of different online shopping charity giving schemes available. Simply choose whichever one you feel most comfortable with.

Fundraising in celebration


Getting married? Birthday coming up soon? A Holy Communion? A Baptism? A Confirmation? Wedding Anniversary? Retiring?  Panicking about what to ask for? Well panic no more…..Laughter Africa is here to help! Why not put a donation to Laughter Africa on your gift list or even do away with the list altogether and ask guests to make a donation to us in lieu of presents. That’s what David and Kate did for their wedding day in October 2015! And what the Makin family did for Baby James’ Baptism in April 2016. And what Pat Boyle did to celebrate a big birthday in July 2016! And what Tony and Pauline Pearson did in August 2016 to celebrate a special anniversary!

Getting your car scrapped for Laughter Africa

charity car

Laughter Africa has teamed up with Charity Car. Charity Car is the big‐hearted scheme from the UK’s largest car recycling network that allows people to turn their old car into a cash donation to the charity of their choice. 100% of the market value of your scrap car will be donated to Laughter Africa. Where a car still has some miles left in it, they’ll arrange for it to be sold to the highest bidder. They can even collect your car for free. All you need to do is phone 0844 669 6889, email or visit for more information. Don’t forget to quote Laughter Africa as your preferred charity.

Getting rid of unwanted CDs, DVDs, games or books for Laughter Africa

Moving house or having a spring clean? Left with thousands of unwanted CDs, DVDs, games or books? Well worry no longer as Ziffit is here. Click here to find out how Ziffit will happily pay you to take all these off your hands. It really doesn’t cost you a penny. Why not donate the money they give you to Laughter Africa.

Recycle your ink cartridges for Laughter Africa


Have any leftover empty printer inkjet cartridges? Laughter Africa has signed up to Recycle4Charity. All you need to do is send them your leftover inkjet cartridges and they’ll give Laughter Africa cash. Working with Recycle4Charity is a simple way to help the environment, whilst raising money for us. They can service the recycling and fundraising needs of the smallest home user to the largest businesses. For more information, please visit here

Giving shares to Laughter Africa


Donating shares to Laughter Africa can raise much needed cash for our work and it will have lots of tax advantages for you too.

It’s very simple to transfer your shares to Laughter Africa. If the shares you are donating are worth between £20 – £1000 all you need to do is complete a form and ShareGift (an organisation with whom we work) can do all the hard work for you!

If the shares you are donating are worth over £1000 then please contact us directly at to arrange the transfer of shares.

It is Laughter Africa’s policy that when we receive gifts of shares we sell them as soon as is practicable. If we hold on to them their value might change and we believe that we should not speculate with gifts entrusted to us. We believe that we should use your gifts as soon as possible to benefit the street children.

Please note that Laughter Africa is unable to give you any financial advice. We would urge you to talk to your financial advisor about the tax implications of donating shares. For further information, please visit the HMRC website.

If you wish to sell shares on behalf of Laughter Africa or have any questions regarding stock transfers please contact us at