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Celebrate the life of your loved one

Making a donation to Laughter Africa in a loved one’s memory is a wonderful way of celebrating their life. We are very grateful to anyone planning to make a gift and understand how hard and stressful it can be to make arrangements at such a sad and difficult time. We are truly sorry for your loss and if you need anything at all then please ask and we will do our best to help in any way we can.

Laughter Africa’s books of remembrance

From supporters who have kindly left a donation, to all the street children who have tragically died, the names of all our friends who have passed on will be added to Laughter Africa’s books of remembrance. The names of all our friends who have died in the previous year will also be remembered at the annual Memorial Mass at St Anne’s Catholic Church in the Wirral every November. A mass will also be offered in Sierra Leone for all those who have died.

Click here to visit our book of remembrance

There are many ways to celebrate the life of your relative or friend with Laughter Africa:

Gifts at funerals or memorial services

When a loved one dies you might choose to commemorate their life by asking people for charitable donations to Laughter Africa in lieu of flowers at a funeral or memorial service. Most funeral directors will help you collect donations in lieu of flowers, handling the administration for you and making sure that they are passed on to Laughter Africa.

‘Let Laughter Live On’ funds

You can choose to establish a named tribute fund in memory of a loved one. Establishing a tribute fund is a memorable way to celebrate the life of a loved one. A fund can be a personal act of remembrance or you can invite others to join in. There are no fundraising targets, deadlines or minimum amounts involved: this is your fund and you can grow it in whatever way feels comfortable. Once the fund is established you can make donations to it at any time. That gives you the option of donating whenever suits you and of hosting fundraising events in memory of your loved one during the year. Creating a ‘Let Laughter Live On’ fund in their name is a special way to remember a loved one and a lasting memorial to them. For more information on how to create a ‘Let Laughter Live On’ fund for a loved one please get in touch with us at

Remembrance projects

If you are able to give of a gift of £5,000 or more in memory of a loved one we will help you find a project that best reflects and honours their inspirations, values, passions and interests.

Fundraising in memory

You can also fundraise or undertake a personal challenge in memory of a loved one. From running marathons to climbing mountains to even abseiling – it can also be a great way to remember them particularly if you undertake an activity that they loved doing.

Commemorating special occasions

You may choose to give a gift in memory to mark birthdays, anniversaries or on other special occasions which are unique to both you and your loved one. If you would like to make such a gift then we can make your gift in memory a very personal one.

If you would like to make a gift to Laughter Africa in memory of a loved one or if you have any other queries, then please do get in touch with us by emailing